Food Diary: Day 13

Monday 10/13/08

Tea with milk and sugar, toast, butter, crunchy peanut butter, porridge and orange juice started off my day. The meals I’ve been having these past few days are absolutely wonderful and I feel great having such variety. I think I am just too lazy to set aside the time at home to actually prepare all these things, and I think I also lack the knowledge to a degree to make some of these meals possible (not necessarily this mornings, but other meals I’ve been having such as last night’s curry and all its side dishes).

In the afternoon I had two tuna fish sandwiches (with mayo and bread) and tea. At this point in the day, I must have had tea at least four times already. It certainly is a drink used I believe for social purposes more than anything else (it isn’t that delicious, but it is good, and it gives you something to hold on to during a conversation which can lessen any awkwardness that may ensue).

That evening I left and was going to take a sleeper train back to London. I bought two energy drinks (called IRN-BRU, I guess? The labeling was unclear) and M&Ms. I would’ve bought more of a meal, but at this point in the day (about 8pm) restaurants were closed at the train station and only a convenient store where I bought both the energy drinks and M&Ms was open. I needed the energy drinks for some homework I needed to get done for classes on the next couple of days, and I wasn’t likely to get much sleep on the train anyway.

My eating experiences with this family made me do some thinking. I really enjoyed almost all the food I ate while here, so why don’t I eat more like this back at home or in the flat? Similarly, if I was with my family, I’d certainly be having quite a variety like I did with this family in Shieldaig. I need to start expanding my diet which probably isn’t too healthy. On the other hand, it’s sometimes difficult to do that when constantly working or doing homework. If meals were prepared for me (like they sometimes are back at home in the U.S., or like they were during my stay in Scotland), then I have no problem with – and in fact enjoy – eating healthier. I need more incentive I suppose, as I really have had virtually no negative side effects of my eating habits ever. At least, none that are apparent to me.