Food Diary: Day 12

Sunday 10/12/08

I was made scrambled eggs, bacon (from a local butcher and it was very good), and was given orange juice, tea (with milk and sugar), toast, butter, and I tried a bit of Marmite (puh!) on my toast.

In the afternoon I had a different type of vegetable soup and several servings of tea throughout the day. Later in the evening I tried some Sherry liquor, red wine, and my HOST family had made chicken curry which I enjoyed with rice, nuts and banana slices. I had water as well. The meal was quite thought-out, and several toppings (such as the nuts and banana slices) were prepared, in addition to several others, to put on the curry. Clearly curry is a meal that even holds some value cultural attachment as far north as Shieldaig. This was followed by locally-produced vanilla ice cream and a hot chocolate sauce made by the family.