Food Diary: Day 14 - Last Day

Tuesday 10/14/08

Having arrived back in London at about 7:30 in the morning, I stopped at a café in Euston and grabbed a cup of hot chocolate. The train was absolutely freezing and I really needed some warming up, especially before venturing out again to return to the flat. After getting back and before going to the class I had that day, I stopped again at the Tesco Express by Holborn and bought two blueberry muffins and a water and had those before class began.

I didn’t eat again until much later that evening. This is because I was so tired after the previous night’s sleepless train ride and went to bed soon after getting back from class at 5pm. I woke up later and one of my flatmates made Ramon noodles for himself, me and another. I had water with this. I then went to bed.