Food Diary: Day 9

Thursday 10/9/08

My photo class was canceled today, and it being my only class on Thursdays, I slept in. I got up to go to Faraday at 12pm to pick up some tickets, and on my way back I stopped into a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop by Holborn and bought three delicious donuts to bring back to the flat with me. I had skim milk, not water, this time.

For lunch I stayed in and made a sandwich from Turkey slices, cheese, mustard and olives that I still had. Deli sandwiches are a perfect lunch for me. They’re light, healthy (I think – they at least appear that way), delicious and easy to assemble.

In the evening I didn’t eat anything, as my lunch was late, I wasn’t too hungry, and I didn’t have a ton of food at the flat, and I really didn’t feel like going out. I drank a Relentless energy drink that kept me up for a while in the evening, as I had a lot of preparations for the next day (I was leaving for the Scotland Highlands as part of a HOST program for my photography class) and I was nowhere near ready for that.