Food Diary: Day 8

Wednesday 10/8/08

I bought a blueberry muffin and chocolate chip cookies from Tesco’s as well as a bottled water before heading to my first class today. Another quick and easy breakfast, though not noted for its healthiness. Blueberries are healthy, aren’t they? Of course they are – breakfast choice justified.

In the evening I had ordered a Dominos pepperoni pizza and garlic bread. This is the first time ordering from Dominos since in London. Dominos has always been there for me during late nights back at Syracuse University, being open until 3am, and I guess I had bit of a craving. I bought a 2 liter bottle of water from Tesco’s for only about 40p, which was an amazing deal. Eating as a student here in London so far as really not proven much different than eating as a student in Syracuse, New York. The same time pressures, the same desire to get a fix of food quickly so as to carry on your day without much delay still applies here.