Food Diary: Day 7

Tuesday 10/7/08

In the morning before leaving for the airport to return to London, we ate a small restaurant serving breakfast. I had a croissant, butter, and an apple tarte along with water. This combination was unbelievably expensive, so we didn’t eat more at this place, but waited until we got to the airport. When we were there, I had a quite delicious chicken sub sandwich (grilled chicken slices, tomatoes, lettuce and some good dressing) and a bottled water. This was surprisingly cheap, especially considering the size of the sandwich and amount of meat on it (quite a bit). I bought a cheap 6-pack of Mentos at the airport’s duty-free store. Mentos are supposed to be a sweet breath-freshener, I believe, but I eat them as candy (they’re too difficult to savor for long with chewing).

Later that evening when we got home, I had cheese and crackers that were left over from earlier and water, and some hot chocolate.