Food Diary: Day 2

Thursday 10/2/08

This morning I made scrambled eggs. Although eggs seem to be a bit expensive, it’s notable that they’re all free-range, which undoubtedly are more expensive to produce than what I’m probably buying back at home. There is a sense of comfort in knowing that they were produced from free-range chickens and it justifies the price. I don’t know if the eggs back home were also free-range; it’s not advertised that they are, so I’m doubtful. I haven’t cooked much using our kitchen here in London, but out of anything cooked, I’ve certainly cooked eggs the most. The eggs were accompanied by a few glasses of Somerfield orange juice, and a single glass of hot chocolate (made with a mix by Somerfield and skim milk).

After going to and returning from class, a few friends and I stopped into a bar to get a couple of drinks. I had a Stella Artois and a Guinness. No food. It was relaxing to just chill out and sit down after class (our photo class can be quite stressful and sometimes depressing!) and talk about issues with friends. Alcohol, as always, eases conversation and we made it a relaxing time.

I still find it fascinatingly absurd that it would be illegal in the United States to do what we had just done. I’m 20 years old, so drinking in the U.S. would have been much more secretive lest I get arrested for participating in such a horrible offense. So, it’s a refreshing experience to buy a pint and realize that not everyone in the world is backwards about its laws and regulations.

In the evening I ate a frozen pepperoni pizza from Tesco’s and drank water with it. Prior to that, I had eaten some nice-looking green grapes from the same store. Grapes are not a food I often buy, but when I do I never regret it. I feel good about myself when I eat them because I associate them with eating healthy. And perhaps in hindsight, I sort of looked at eating them as a way to cancel out the pizza I was about to eat. Frozen pizzas from Tesco’s are cheap and filling and I buy them every so often. It’s nice to eat something warm as well. Despite health concerns that people would certainly bring up, pizza is a bit of a comfort food for me. It is familiar and inexpensive and almost always delicious. If I’ve had particularly bad luck with trying new foods on a given day, something like pizza would be an appropriate way to finish the day off.