Food Diary: Day 1

Wednesday 10/1/08

I have a feeling that my food choices will reflect my schedule more than anything else. I woke up too late to cook anything at home and left directly for my 10:40 class. I left a bit early to leave some time to grab food from a store along the way though. I went to Sainsbury’s and bought bottled water and a hot breakfast sandwich (with eggs, sausage and bacon, as well as some sort of seasoning perhaps). I took these items with me and ate them in Faraday before class began. It’s the first time I bought this sandwich, so I was trying something new, though I always tend to buy bottled water more than any other drink. It’s always the cheapest for the amount I’m getting, and it goes well with anything.

After class and before the following one, I went with a friend to Humus Bros., a restaurant near Faraday, and ordered a small dish of chicken curry and pitas. I had enough water left over from my earlier purchase so I did not buy a new drink. We took the food to go and ate it during the beginning of our next class. Although a bit more expensive than I would like for a small mid-day meal, it was certainly good. I don’t know if I’ll make the purchase again though, as buying a sandwich from Pret A Manger is cheaper and fills me up just as well. Also, the aroma from the hot curry I felt was perhaps distracting the class a bit.

On my way home I went to Somerfield to purchase some turkey from the deli, bread, mustard, cheese and olives. This is the first time I’ve bought turkey since in London, and it certainly won’t be the last. Turkey is one of the things I miss the most, and I have yet to find it in any pre-made sandwiches in any store. It is apparently rare, and buying pre-packaged turkey on the shelves (which is also a bit rare) is quite expensive and most definitely not worth it in my opinion. Buying cut turkey from the deli was priced reasonably I thought. To me, turkey is a staple deli food. It seems to be replaced by chicken here, which isn’t too common a deli meat back at home. The reasons for the lack of turkey are obvious (although something else may be at play as well): turkey isn’t a native English bird.

I put together a sandwich later that evening with these supplies. It was a sandwich that I was completely satisfied with, and I suppose I felt some comfort in eating something that I so commonly do back home.

Food shopping here has so far been similar to how it works at home. At home, however, I have access to a store with much greater variety than the supermarkets I’ve been to here do. There are much more smaller and food-specific shops around there that I haven’t gone to. It’s simply more convenient and less time-consuming to shop for all your groceries in one place.