Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas

On a night off some NCCers and I go to the Las Vegas Hofbräuhaus. While expensive, our reservations on spending money on the food and beer were quickly lifted.

Joel enjoys a liter, the default size offered at $14.50.

Jamie (in blue) participates in a contest on the stage with nine other women on who can drink finish a liter first. The winner got a free beer stein. Unfortunately, Jamie did not come in first, but at least she got a free beer out of it. We all enjoyed German appetizers and called it a night before becoming bankrupt.

My new year's resolution is 1680 x 1050

Despite the colder than usual temperature of about 30 degrees, a record low for December 31 in Las Vegas, more than 320,000 people came to enjoy New Year's Eve on the Vegas strip.

At midnight, all the casino resorts along the strip synchronously shot off their fireworks.

Las Vegas Blvd. and some surrounding roads were closed to accommodate the large influx of party-goers. The city's Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) waived all bus fees after 6 p.m. on Friday to 6 a.m. New Year's Day.

Throwback 2 - Fog Party

It was seemingly out of nowhere that a heavy fog had descended upon one Ackerman apartment that night, shrouding all visibility save for a few feet. As navigation equipment ceased to function in the overwhelming mist, several Syracuse University students, disoriented yet determined, willed themselves to tread forward confidently, steadfastly, perseveringly, at the road ahead.

A quick scroll through all my frames taken that evening. Song is "Liza" by Django Reinhardt.

Throwback - Mayfest 2010

Joe Blum films and participates in the Syracuse University 2010 Mayfest held in Walnut Park. Click to see "Mayfest according to Joe Blum" on the Newshouse site.

Despite the official SU Mayfest 2010 being held in Walnut Park, a sizable number of SU and ESF students continued the trend this year of partying in front of houses along Euclid Ave.

Max Nepstad and Jenna Passmore in Walnut Park.

Syracuse police monitor the Euclid area during the 2010 Mayfest.

You can see a couple of these photos on the Newshouse site: "Walnut Park wins Mayfest, but Euclid Ave. survives"