From the last week or so

Some pictures from the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. I did a photo story on a German couple from Bavaria that run a German wooden toy stand at the festival. They live up in Edinburgh and come down to London for the month-and-a-half-long event every year.

Hyde Park

Matav Saeed Mansoori feeds birds in Hyde Park on a Monday afternoon.

I went to Hyde Park today in search of a story for my photo class, but to no real avail. Not much goes on in Hyde Park it seems, or at least not this or next week. Sarah accompanied me today, and took care of two out of three IDs for pictures we took, including the guy in the picture above. It's still something I'm really uncomfortable with, and it's one reason why I prefer working with objects and scenes and other non-human, non-documentary photos. It's why, as of now at least, I'm in photo illustration, not photojournalism. In any case, this is a photo j class I'm taking right now, so I have no choice.