Finding economy-related photos in London is more difficult than I thought, despite it being a major world economic center. It didn't help that every financial building is closed to the public. Canary Wharf is supposed to be a huge financial center, so I took the Jubilee line down there from Edgware after running into some delays (there apparently was a person "under a train" at the Oxford Circus Station, causing the station's closure and massive delays on several tube lines).

I was denied entry into two financial buildings and had a feeling the others would be the same. So I checked online, and yes, not just anyone can enter these financial buildings. It took some effort to get up as early as I did, so I wasn't too pleased. And then I went to Bank and the St. Paul's area in London, to the Bank of England (no photography allowed, and not to be confused with the Bank of England Museum, with which I didn't bother). Then I tried the London Stock Exchange. It too was closed to the public. Hooray.

This was an unproductive weekend.Cabs drive by the Bank Tube Station. Old-time style.